Luci-enne the sky with diamonds…

This blog post was originally written for Sew Me Sunshine – go there NOW to see all the lovely fabric!

It’s not shocker that I’m a big fan of I Am Patterns; they design understated but quirky everyday patterns that are lovely to sew. I have already made their Artemis jacket and the Juliette shirt, and this time I decided to make the Lucienne.

Lucienne is a loose-fitting shirt that can be lengthened to a tunic, and you can add on some more length to make a super relaxed dress. I chose this beautiful olive green tencel that I saw at Harriet’s latest Open Studio event. It kind of has to be seen to be appreciated, but this fabric is so so beautiful. The smooth finish allows the rich colour to shine, and it has brilliant drape even though it’s not overly lightweight, plus it’s completely opaque.

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Bobbing along: Tilly and the Buttons’ Bobbi skirt

Always late to the sewing party, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and made a Bobbi skirt from Tilly and the Buttons. I made a similar skirt last year and I’ve worn it so many times, it’s a brilliant everyday basic:

A new version was on my Make Nine and I was going to self draft, but this pattern release came in perfect time because it saved me the faff of drafting! The pattern has two variations: a skirt and a pinafore, both of which are so so gorgeous. Continue reading “Bobbing along: Tilly and the Buttons’ Bobbi skirt”

Cocowawa Honeycomb: a bittersweet sew!

The Honeycomb from Cocowawa Crafts is a gorgeous pattern with loads of variations – you can make a dress, shirt, short sleeves, full-length sleeves, or go completely sleeveless, so we’re on to a winner. I made what was meant to be a wearable toile last year and even though the shape was lovely, it came up sooo big on me! It’s designed to be a relaxed fit but this was just too big. I re-traced the pattern to a size 1 and stuffed it away, not wanting to look at it for a while as I’d been a bit put off by how badly my first try went (yes, very grown-up of me).

I put the dress on my Make Nine 2020 and planned to use some clashing viscose from Brixton Market – wearable toile take two.

Although a beautifully detailed dress, the construction is fairly straightforward, the only step I had to re-read a few times was the burrito yoke, but once you’ve cracked it, it’s gorgeous:

Cocowawa crafts Honeycomb dress

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2020 Make Nine

I am a bit (*ahem very) obsessed with lists, so the Make Nine challenge really appeals to me. My experience with it in the past has been a bit unsuccessful so I didn’t join in for 2019, thinking it just wasn’t right for me. However, now I’ve built up a good stash of fabric and I know what I want and need from my wardrobe, I feel 2020 is the year to dive back in.

The plan is:

1) I wear my Named Lempi dress so often and it’s turned out to be a brilliant wardrobe staple. I’ll use some beautiful raspberry floral needlecord from Sew Me Sunshine that I’ve been too afraid to cut!

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I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…the final chapter

We’re on the final part of our indie-biz shopping trip already! I hope this series has given you some inspiration and pointed you in the direction of some amazing independent businesses that are out there; I think it’s really important we give them our support!

Let’s get down to it, I went indie biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

Vinyl from Happy Fabric

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