How to: Sew your own necktie

Almost without realising it, I’ve started adding little neckties whenever I wear shirts (and that’s quite often). They just create the perfect finishing touch. I shared a photo of myself wearing one on Instagram and received loads of questions about it, so here’s a quick tutorial so you can sew your own. I’ve given three options so you can create the shape that’s right for you. 

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How to: Sew an elasticated skirt with a flat front waistband 

I love a big-volume skirt but an elasticated waistband does me no favours, so I drafted this one with all the comfort of elastic, but a more flattering waistband. With an elasticated back and a flat front waistband, this has come to be called the FFS. The Flat Front Skirt (what else?!).

All this involves is drawing rectangles, so if the sound of drafting a pattern terrifies you, this is the perfect project to try. Also, this has no fastenings, so it’s a quick and easy sewing project! 

Let’s sew this skirt!
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My top 5 shirt sewing patterns

Ask someone to imagine a shirt and they’ll no doubt picture a white button down work shirt. On the surface, they can seem a bit ‘samey’. But delve just a tiny bit deeper and we can see the shirt holds so much potential. I’ve sewn a fair few shirts and shirt dresses from independent sewing pattern brands, so here’s a round up of my top tried and tested patterns… 

Saraste Shirt and Shirt Dress from Named Clothing

This pattern is from Named’s book Breaking the Pattern. The book includes 10 patterns and each one has a number of variations. It’s a stonker of a book, well worth investing in. 

I’ve made a couple of versions of the Saraste shirt dress, and used the collar on a different shirt dress (the Honeycomb from CocoWawa Crafts). The construction is so clever, with continuous pieces right the way down the front of the dress, with gathered skirt sections either side. A totally unique way to reimagine the classic shirt dress.  

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Finally succumbing to the lure of pyjamas

I have always professed to have little to no interest in pyjamas or loungewear, so although they look great, those comfy hoodie, jogger and pyjama sewing patterns have never been on my sewing list. It took an almighty convergence of circumstances (and fabric) to bring handmade PJs into my life, but I’m sold, friends. Fully sold. Who knew pyjamas were so awesome? 

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Go shorty: Nina Lee Portobello Trousers-come-shorts

The Portobello Trousers by Nina Lee is a pattern I’ve had for ages but for some reason never got round to making. I’ve been getting more into trousers and separates, so the time was finally nigh to make some Portobellos! 

I’ve always struggled to get trousers to fit (maybe the real reason behind the Portobello-avoidance is coming to light), so I decided to toile these and make a pair of shorts to begin with. 

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