I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…(part 2)

Happy Friday! This week has flown by so it’s already time for part 2 of I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

You can catch up on A to G (and find out what on earth I’m going on about!) here, but if you’re up to speed, let’s get on with H to N.

I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

Heart earrings from Earrings by Daisy

I only discovered this brand new shop this week, and I am proud to say I was Laurie’s first Etsy sale! I bought a different pair from the ones pictured here, but these are 100% on my list. Continue reading “I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…(part 2)”

I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

Remember long car journeys before you could while away the time on a screen?

A tragic loss at the hands of tablets and smartphones is the historic tradition of: car games. A childhood institution has been forgotten! When we weren’t elbow fighting (if you’re one of three children, you know what I’m on about), my sisters and I would play alphabet memory games where the first player says something like: “I went to the seaside and I took…an apple.” Then the next player says: “I went to the seaside and I took…an apple and a bucket.” The next player then says: “I went to the seaside and I took…an apple, a bucket and a chihuahua.” And so on through the alphabet.

With this blog post I want to bring back the car game, but instead of going to the seaside we’re going Christmas shopping, and we’re only buying from indie businesses. Black Friday/Cyber Monday/January sales (it goes on and on!) must be a really scary time for small and independent businesses, so we need to show them our support! This is the first in a four part series, as all in one go will be a bit much, so herein we have A to G:

I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…

Atelier Brunette from Sew Me Sunshine

Sew Me Sunshine is one of the most beautifully curated collections of fabric online; the business is run by the very lovely Harriet from her studio in West London.   Continue reading “I went indie-biz Christmas shopping and I bought…”

I Am Artemis: a goddess of a jacket

French pattern house I Am Patterns released the Artemis jacket as part of its I Am A Goddess collection – Artemis being the goddess of the hunt, and this jacket is killer. It has a really minimal shape, even the sleeves are part of the body pieces, and the seams along the front hide sneaky massive pockets, hooray!  The jacket is classed as beginner-friendly, and quite rightly so. With no sleeves to set in and a boxy shape, if you can sew a straight line, you can sew an Artemis.  

Continue reading “I Am Artemis: a goddess of a jacket”

I love Lemp(i)

A new (to me) favourite dress has come in to my life for autumn and it has to be shared! The Lempi button down dress – lempi meaning love, from Named doesn’t seem to get a great deal of attention from the Instagram sewing community, but it is such an unsung hero.

The relaxed fit, pulled together with a self-fabric belt, makes fitting and sewing so straightforward. There are bust darts but other than that the dress is essentially straight up and down. Named designs are subtly quirky, they don’t create ‘out there’ shapes or overtly ‘statement’ garments, but I love the subtle details they put in to their patterns that make them beautifully unique. On the Lempi, this detail is found in the collar. Taking it up a notch from being a standard shirtdress, the open ‘step’ between the collar pieces gives a little twist to a classic shape; it’s almost a little nod to 1950s dresses, but on a totally modern dress.   Continue reading “I love Lemp(i)”

Haute Stuff: Translating the trends for autumn/winter 2019

We may have had a little glimpse of bonus summertime, but I’m ready to get planning on my autumn/winter wardrobe. Who’s with me?!

Let’s have a look at what the runways are saying for this season (and plan how we can hack our own versions!)…

Glitz a Wonderful Life

Fans of glitter and early bedtimes, rejoice! Now’s the time to wear all the sparkles, sequins and glitter as daywear, hooray!

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