Hi, I’m Alice, welcome to The Polka Dot Palace.

At university I studied fashion promotion and communication, which was basically all the stuff in fashion bar the actual clothing design and sewing. I’ve always been drawn to bright patterns and colour, and when the general ‘art school thing’ was to create something deep and meaningful, I just wanted to make something bright and happy to make people smile, so I made a street photography book that captured un-staged moments in everyday life:

red mini copy2
west croy train copy
police sonic balloon

Fast-forward a few years and I’d carried on taking photos wherever I went, but I re-discovered what initially made me apply for my degree; a love for style, craft and sewing. It started with a trip to the Imperial War Museum where I picked up a Sew Over It Betty Dress sewing pattern in their gift shop. I made my first one (an absolute disaster, which I finished off after a trip to the pub and unsurprisingly, completely botched!) and was hooked. In the few years since then my sewing has come on so far and it’s largely down to the amazing online sewing community.

I’m obsessed with fashion and styling, so I hope to build this site to inspire you through how-to tutorials, trend reports, street style photos and portraits I take of other seamstresses and makers.