Cocowawa Honeycomb: a bittersweet sew!

The Honeycomb from Cocowawa Crafts is a gorgeous pattern with loads of variations – you can make a dress, shirt, short sleeves, full-length sleeves, or go completely sleeveless, so we’re on to a winner. I made what was meant to be a wearable toile last year and even though the shape was lovely, it came up sooo big on me! It’s designed to be a relaxed fit but this was just too big. I re-traced the pattern to a size 1 and stuffed it away, not wanting to look at it for a while as I’d been a bit put off by how badly my first try went (yes, very grown-up of me).

I put the dress on my Make Nine 2020 and planned to use some clashing viscose from Brixton Market – wearable toile take two.

Although a beautifully detailed dress, the construction is fairly straightforward, the only step I had to re-read a few times was the burrito yoke, but once you’ve cracked it, it’s gorgeous:

Cocowawa crafts Honeycomb dress

I knew I was taking a bit of a punt with the clashing fabrics, I love mixing prints but something about these didn’t quite work.  I ploughed on anyway, and when I attached the skirt it looked completely wrong! There was way too much khaki clashing with the berry tones and the balance was all off. I left it for a day then decided to chop it off to a peplum. This re-balanced the colours but I’m still not totally sure they work together.

Cocowawa Honeycomb detail

Luckily this was another trial run, the fabric was £3 per metre so I was ok with it not quite working out, I’m just sad that something about this design doesn’t sit right on me. I’ve seen other sewists wear this dress so well; it’s a classic design with a twist, the tie details at the waist are just gorgeous, the collar shape is lovely and flattering but it just doesn’t suit me. Sad times!

Cocowawa Honeycomb shirt



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